Our Services

Every ground-breaking entrepreneur begins with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all-inclusive one. At Open Space, we wanted to change the way  how people see the concept of entrepreneurs, by offering a simple, secure and user-friendly technology and entrepreneurship solutions that entrepreneurs can trust...


Our Services

Open Space’s uCloud

uCloud is famously its top-notch hosting services to corporations, and organisation, including but not limited to Sierra Leone Telecommunications (SIERRATEL), Sierra Leone Correctional Services (SLCS), Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency (SMEDA), Awoko Publications, Conservation Trust Fund (CTF), Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), and still counting.

Launching an attractive and scalable web solution quickly and affordably is important for businesses 

uCloud is just what you’ve been looking for — a new, industry-leading Hosting provider that gives you the chance to simplify your creativity with simple clicks. Our easy-to-use Hosting platform has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to help you build and empower yourself in what you do. With real-time options and unlimited access, this is one Hosting you’ll definitely want to have.


Grow your idea with features beyond the builder. The App Center brings a wide range of new functionality and services directly to your website, while multiple subdomain options and a full suite of SEO tools help your content reach a wide audience.


The freedom to build what you want, the way you want. Responsive, professional website templates let you create a website that looks amazing on any device. A complete set of advanced design features make sure your site stands out, no design experience is required.


Flawless Templates, Easy Editing, No Coding Required  — That’s +232 Website Builder.

Open Space’s Web Solutions

A uniquely remarkable Web Solutions rising from the ashes of a tech company (iCANSL) founded in 2016 by Bashiru at the age of 19 years. The all new Open Open Space’s Web Solutions is a fit for purpose website, Web Application, and SAAS development platform that provides you with a robust technology solutions for all of your needs.

These days there’s no excuse for not having a website, even if your business is only just getting off the ground. Many potential customers and clients won’t take you seriously without one. Plus, there are so many upsides to setting one up that not doing so is almost irresponsible.

One of the most obvious benefits of having a small business website is that it enables people to find you online and get in touch with you easily. Having an effective and compelling site can even lead to sales you wouldn’t have made otherwise.

Open Space’s Work Station

Meet Work Station– Your Virtual Workspace.
Work Station is designed to provide you with all the tools and resources you need to remotely work from anywhere.
Easily communicate and collaborate with your co-workers, network with other entrepreneurs, sell your products and services, get access to top-notch resources to improve your venture… It just keeps getting better.
Do you know what makes Work Station AWESOME? It’s absolutely FREE, no hidden fee, nothing at all.

We design animated Cartoon Videos for Company advertisement & presentation.

We do Designing & Printing of Logos, Flyers, Banners, T-shirts, Mugs, Trifold Brochures, Posters, Business Cards, etc.

We produce creative designs to grab the attention of your customers in any business situation.

Our team of incredibly bright minded individuals have dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to ensure that connection between clients and entrepreneurs is easier than ever.